Before I started this store, I ran a pretty unsuccessful video game blog. RIP DPlaysGames. However, I still love gaming and look forward to E3 every year. I wanna bring in some more gaming stuff here so I won’t get withdrawals, so I’m gonna tell you about what I’ve liked so far and what I could do without at E3 2019. I call it: WHAT I LIKED AND WHAT I COULD DO WITHOUT: E3 2019 Edition. Catchy right?


Cyberpunk 2077. Give me that good shit. I’m a CD Projekt Red fanboy honestly. I don’t like that I gotta wait till 2020 but me and my $250 will be waiting. Witcher 3 is in my top 10 favorite games, so no pressure or anything. Also, Keanu Reeves is in it. Yeah. Bruh take my fucking money. 

Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077 | E3 2019

Deathloop from Arkane. Weird time shit with 2 strong black leads? Yep, take my money. Hopefully, the gameplay is as great as the reveal. Since I’m talking about a Bethesda studio, can’t wait to learn more about Ghost Wire Tokyo. That looked really good and original.

Deathloop | E3 2019

That new Dragon Ball Z game. I like that shit. See I was gonna incorporate some anime! This looks to be like a good follow-up to DB FighterZ. The scale of the fights in the anime is what I feel like a lot of the previous adventure games for DBZ lacked. However, I’m unsure if this is gonna be episodic or if it will go all through Goku’s life. More info needed, but rest assured I will be getting the collector’s edition if they come out with one. 

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot | E3 2019

All of Square Enix’s conference. Look, I can talk about that Final Fantasy 7 shit all day. My body is so ready and I’m gonna be so broke from buying collector’s editions goddamnit. Remastered FF8? Yes, please. Final Fantasy Chronicles. Oh, baby. Oninaki? Yes, senpai. Circuit Superstars? Weird flex but I’ll see where they go with it. Avengers? Cowards. No Black Panther or Spider-Man. Looks good though. Probably had the best show. Square-Enix is anime. Forever.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Sephiroth | E3 2019

Whatever Nintendo does. At this point in my life, I am all on the Nintendo bandwagon. I can write this now knowing that I haven’t watched the Nintendo Direct. That’s OK. They can’t disappoint me. I need a Switch in my life. I want Shin Megami Tensei 5. And that anime mecha game they got coming out. I want my Pokemon with swords in their mouths. I wanna play Animal Crossing. Buy anime shirts from me so I can play anime games on my Switch that’ll I deck out with anime stickers.

Now, more of what I liked, but in less words. 

Phantasy Star Online 2. Can’t wait to play that on my PlayStation. 

Persona 5 Royal news and new trailer. My body.

Watch Dogs Legion. Fight the patriarchy as an old lady. 

That Star Wars game. BD-1 got big dick energy. 

Bede BD-1 | E3 2019

Women and people of color on stage. Yes. More of that please.

Devolver’s Direct. I love the shit they do at E3, and they put out good games. 

Watching E3 with my friends like a bunch of nerds. Love that shit. 


Sony skipping E3. Look, I know this isn’t the same E3 as it was 10 years ago or whatever, but who cares? You should be there. You should always be there. I miss you.

Greg Miller yelling at me. Just stop yelling at me please. I get it. 

Everyone yelling while people are trying to talk. Look. Gamers, y’all can be very obnoxious. I just need for y’all to tone it down a bit. Please. 

The fucking just Just Dance breaks. Look Ubi-Soft, I get that these games are important to you. But please for the love of whatever god is out there stop making us sit through live versions of this. 10 years! I mean congrats but still.

Speaking of Ubi-Soft, give me Splinter Cell you cowards! Sam Fisher is not a coward why must you be??

Lack of surprise games that I can play this year. I feel like I personally complain about this every year. 

This FF7 episodic bullshit. Give me 2 Blu-Rays damnit. I’m sorry. Do you whatever you want.

Collector’s edition of games. Stop trying to take my fucking money. Seriously. Stop it. I don’t even have space for your shit. 

Cyberpunk 2077 Collector's Edition | E3 2019
I’m buying this one
Final Fantasy 7 remake Collector's Edition | E3 2019
I’m sadly not buying this one

I like games and miss writing about them. Maybe I’ll write about anime games or something. Actually, I’ll write about whatever games I want. I also promise to write more about anime. Hope y’all enjoyed it. Play more video games and be nice to each other out there. You’re all breathtaking.