I really love Persona. I loved P4 golden, and I bought the collector’s edition for P5. Now P5 Royal is out. I was ready. Had my collector’s edition ready on the preorder, the day took off work, and Leblanc Curry in the pot.

However, the world is currently on fire. Which meant my shipment got delayed. I could’ve waited till it got here, but I didn’t want to waste the perfect day. So I went to Target and picked up a copy lol. Now, I have my delivery here and I’m looking at 2 copies of the same game. What to do? I’ll do a giveaway. 2 year anniversary of the store is coming up, what a perfect time to do it.

So here we are. I’m giving away an unused copy of Persona 5 Royal! It’s not sealed cause I’m giving away the copy that was in the CE, and it was unsealed. If it was sealed I would’ve just returned it to Target haha. I can tell you that I haven’t opened it so the code is still valid.

Persona 5 Limited Steelbook

I normally do my giveaways strictly through Instagram, however, I’m gonna do this one a little bit differently. There will be 2 ways to enter the giveaway.

How to Enter

1st way: Leave a comment below saying what game people should be playing right now or what anime people should be watching. If you have an Instagram account drop your username with it. Must be following us on Instagram to be valid.

2nd way: Leave a comment on the IG post tagging a friend and saying what game people should be playing right now or what anime people should be watching. Also, have to be a follower to win.

Persona 5 Joker

You do it both ways and you have 2 entries, doubling your chances to win. Giveaway will end on April 15th. The winner will be randomly selected. Right now only open to US and Canada residents, but I’m looking how to ship to anywhere, so I’ll keep y’all updated.

Thanks for supporting the brand for almost 2 years. Here’s to at least 2 more.

63 thoughts on “Persona 5 Royal Steelbook Giveaway

  1. Brayden M says:

    I would definitely recommend future diary its a lot to take in on the first watch but definitely good
    Insta : thebraydenmassey

  2. Abe says:

    Definitely Black Clover as it’s getting good and if you haven’t played Nier Automata then you’re missing out!

  3. Aly garza says:

    People should try the BioShock series, infinite isn’t my fave but it’s a good series non the less~
    Instagram: alleykat.jpg

  4. Ryan says:

    Samurai Champloo is a must-watch in my opinion, the fight scenes and MUSIC are great. As for games, Persona 5 is actually my favorite but the Dark Souls series is pretty close and I think every game in the series is a good one.
    Instagram: xstaryew

  5. Josias Martinez says:

    Game you all should play is last of us especially since it takes a bit of time, and and anime you all should watch is Somali and the Forest Spirit.
    Instagram josias_martinez12

  6. NAJI Amin says:

    People NEED (😂) to watch Ben To. Really good anime which is talking about students who do battles with others to get a bento (really funny) najiamin2402 is my username on Instagram

  7. Peter says:

    A great anime to watch is Vinland saga and a great game to play is rainbow six siege

    instagram: willsuccforfood

  8. Ernie brillo says:

    Should be playing doom eternal, should be watching natsume yuujichou

    Instagram: clint_weastwood

  9. Link says:

    A good anime to watch right now is mahou sensou. A good game to play is actually stardew valley. Really relaxing and definitely worth the $15.

  10. Blaine says:

    Gungrave is seriously a must watch anime. I’ve been playing counter strike lately. My username on insta is muffinmanb

  11. Shay says:

    I’m going to recommend one of favorite Anime shows Durarara! This show is so good and every episode just gets better and crazier! As for games, I think people should be playing the Ni No Kuni Series! These games are so special, beautiful, and breathtaking! I just love the magical feel to them. Not to mention the first game’s art is done by Studio Ghibli! My Insta is @Bergster30

  12. BowserBigBurrito says:

    Play Persona 3 and Farcry 3 for games and for anime I recommend soul eater and fire force all those things are action packed and have good stories my instagram is @BowserBigBurrito

  13. MonkeyMan says:

    I say Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing are good. They are polar opposites so they are good to switch up when youre tired of one and wanna relax after shooting demons or shooting some things after building your town. My IG: themonkeyman2344

  14. Anthony Tancueco says:

    I’m pretty sure the anime that people should be watching right now is plunderer. It’s a really good anime and the plot is also good.
    Instagram: @anthony_tancueco

  15. David Espaillat says:

    People need to be playing Doom Eternal stat! And also watch Neon Genesis Evangelion for an anime classic. Instagram: pandamangooo

  16. April Mejia says:

    An anime people need to watch is Bleach because it’s coming back next year !!

    Instagram: tzennxi

  17. Luke Monster says:

    People should definitely play rocket league its a competitive and casual game to play if your looking for some fun!
    My IG is: lukemonster3

  18. Luke Monster says:

    play Mana Spark its a great rouge-like game and is super challenging!
    My IG is: lukemonster3

  19. Darrel Lizardi says:

    I recommend playing any rouge-like, my personal choice being Enter the Gungeon, to grind out these times. They’re pretty hard, but plenty of time to improve! Also Digimon Adventure just got its reboot if you want some nostalgia in your anime!
    IG: tricksss4days

  20. Nathan says:

    i really like JoJo’s bizarre adventure, it’s animation, plot, characters, and voice talents are out of this world

    IG: _unholy_cannoli_

  21. Katote says:

    You guys should be watching Arte this season. A great tale of an aristocratic woman aiming to make a life in the art world during the renaissance. Being one of the few josei anime that air, I am definitely enjoying it. Comedy, character, and most importantly passion. I’m loving the show so far.


  22. Ryusei says:

    If you want to chill and hang out with your friends, I would suggest animal crossing new horizons. However, if you’re feeling a bit of anxiety from not doing anything at home all day, I’d recommend monster hunter world.
    IG: @ryuseitaro

  23. Khareem says:

    A great anime every should watch in order to be awakened is My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu/OreGairu. You will feel some sort of connection with the main character and what he’s going through via one way or other

    IG: @niggarto

  24. Elisabeth says:

    A good anime that people should be watching is Gintama. Cracks me up everytime. It’s always there to cheer me up during difficult times.
    Ig : @MayoPudding_

  25. Anthony Rotella says:

    You gotta be playing the new final fantasy or the new resident evil games. 2 of the best playstation franchises of all time getting new games theres no way you should miss those.

    Ig: @anthony__rotella

  26. Cali Krajcik says:

    Animal Crossing is probably the most popular game to play right now. I just finished playing The Wolf Among Us again recently. Anime oh man the list can go on forever.
    IG @theinfamousnomad

  27. Aaron says:

    I thought Kakegurui was a pretty good show. And I been playing animal crossing and Ocarina of Time 3DS
    ig: a.przy

  28. Carly says:

    I’ve watched over 250 anime but I have to recommend demon slayer. As soon as I watched it, it became my top anime. Definitely a show I could watch over multiple times. Probably going to start it again now… As for game, I highly suggest monster hunter world. So awesome!!
    Insta: carlygrace0297

  29. Kazu says:

    Everyone should watch Legend of Galactic Heroes. It’s a sci-fi classic despite having come out in the 1980s . It’s got great music, a wide cast and classic themes on the human condition, politics and warfare.

    Instagram: artofkazuki.d

  30. MandoXtreme says:

    A game everyone should play is disgaea 5 for PlayStation 4 or Nintendo switch. An anime I recommend is isekai quartet. a nice and funny two season anime.
    IG: n.o__name___

  31. Christina says:

    People should definitely play Hollow Knight! And Silksong once it comes out.

    IG: chrispinaa

  32. Rexer says:

    DragonBall FighterZ is a pretty good game for fighting game fans and anime fans, and with its new update it’s changed up its gameplay making it more fun.

    IG: realawayhippo

  33. Adam says:

    Nows the perfect time to get into the yakuza series since those games have mountains of content.


  34. rey says:

    y’all should be playing some monopoly plus right now and screaming for a few hours
    IG- reyokobsy

  35. Jason pontoh says:

    Its time for people to start great long running anime like one piece or detective conan
    insta: jasonpontoh

  36. Stefan B says:

    If you like anime, a game I recently got was Muse Dash on PC. It’s only like $5 and it’s super addicting!

    IG is sboekhorst

  37. Lucas says:

    Yooo, I’ve been playing a lot of Animal Crossing New Horizons Lol, no shame. Any of the older Final Fantasies have been good too, a lot are available on mobile, switch, and PSN.
    Insta: 3_potatoes_in_a_trenchcoat

  38. Dulce Tapia says:

    I’m personally playing animal crossing new horizons because it’s what’s keeping me calm in these times but persona will always have a really special place in my heart. So people should play just any game in the persona series

  39. Jaime Torres says:

    People should really be playing animal crossing right now lol. It’s such a calm and relaxing game that everyone needs to play once in a while. Ig: hh310ht

  40. Mariah says:

    I believe everyone should be playing a chill game like Stardew Valley right because it’s very time consuming, Gets your mind off what’s happening and it’s an overall good time especially since you can play with friends too. An anime I’m watching that I think others should watch is Fruits baskets just cause it’s just and wholesome and very nostalgic from the older version and the new season just came out too🔥🔥
    @riah_sparkles on insta
    Put the wrong one on the last comment

  41. speedgump says:

    I’ve personally been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons, and it’s taking up ALLLL of my time. However, I’d recommend picking up a copy of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake when it comes out because it looks like it’s going to be amazing. Instagram: speedgump

  42. ChA says:

    An anime that I liked and I think people should watch is the promised never land. It’s in its first season and to me, it was great. IG: radius67

  43. Wan Ahmad Sabrie says:

    People should definitely watch nichijou, its comedy gold and u can watch together with families and friends during the quarantine

  44. James says:

    Thank you for doing this giveaway. Right now, everybody should be playing either animal crossing, or of course, persona 5 royal. These are long games that are enought to keep you playing for days and possibly weeks on end. And if you’re looking for a new anime to watch, it has to be fourth season of My Hero Academia. That’s really generous of you to do this giveaway my man. How wholesome 🙂

    IG: samuel_jamesssss

    (Edit: I added another comment because I can’t see the one I tried to post twice)

  45. Kas says:

    People should be watching demon slayer the opening is great to have a listen to. I would recommend the latest season’s of sword art online as season 3 onwards is pretty good. My insta is _iamkas_

  46. Azuka says:

    Watch kuroko no basket. Even if you’re not into sport anime’s it’s still a great show.

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